• Felicitation Ceremony of Corona Warriors on 8th Jan. 2021..
  • Felicitation Ceremony of Corona Warriors on 8th Jan. 2021 at DMA.
  • Felicitation Ceremony of Corona Warriors on 8th Jan 2021 at DMA.
  • Felicitation Ceremony of Corona Warriors on 8th Jan. 2021 at DMA
  • Felicitation Ceremony of Corona Warriors on 8th Jan 2021 at DMA
  • Newly elected office bearers of DMA 2020-2021 take charge
  • Poster Launch of Doctors Day
  • August Utsav Held on 29th August, 2020

Delhi Medical Association

DELHI MEDICAL ASSOCIATION came into existence in 1914 under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Rai Sahib Attar Chand, First Civil Surgeon General of India, Dr. M.A. Ansari, Dr. S.P Shroff, Dr. Abdul Rehaman & many other stalwarts of the medical profession & country. The association was constituted during the FIRST WORLD WAR to help the masses & soliders. The interesting fact is that it is older than the National body which is Indian Medical Association (IMA).

Out of the total number of 28 medical practitioners at that time, 23 attended the meeting and thus an organization was formed. This has now acquired its present stature with more than 15000 members on its roll (2020).


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Our Founders

Dr. Rai Sahib

Dr. Rai Sahib


Dr. M.A. Ansari

Office Bearers - 2020-21

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President's Pen

Dr. B.B. Wadhwa

Dear Friends,

I am extremely happy and thankful to all of you who have given me the opportunity to serve the Association. It is my proud privilege to communicate with you through this prestigious Presidential Message.

On one side becoming the President of Delhi Medical Association and your Spokesman is a matter of great pride and pleasure, at the same time, it comes with an enormous responsibility of great expectations of thousands of members as well as hundreds thousands of citizens of Delhi for better health care delivery system specially during this Corona Pandemic.

As you all aware that not only the country but the whole world is under the grip of deadly disease COVID-19. Our fellow colleagues working day and night to combat with COVID-19. I pay my sincere tribute to all those who have sacrifice their life during this CORONA Pandemic.

Friends, on the occasion of Doctors Day, we honoured our fellow colleagues- Corona Warriors with a certificate at their workplace with proper social distancing and government guidelines.

On11th July 2020.WorldPopulation Day, we organised Webinar on Female Sexual and Reproductive Vulnerabilities during the pandemic. Eminent speakers like Dr.Jugal Kishore, Prof.of Community Medicine VMMC & SJ Hospital. Surbhi Singh, President Sacchi Saheli Dr. Meenakshi Ahuja, Clinical Secy Gynae Forum, Dr. Rajesh Mehta, Sr Consultant, WHO were delivered their talks. Dr. G.S. Grewal, President Elect was the moderate of the programme. The programme was well appreciated by one and all.

We celebrated 106th Foundation Day of Delhi Medical Association on 14thAugustatDMA House. The programme started with Flag hoisting & Felicitation Function.

DMA felicitated their Branch Presidents/Secretaries, Best Workers from branches and eminent medical luminaries with DMA Excellence Award for their outstanding contribution in the field of Medical. DMA also felicitated CORONA WARRIORS on this occasion.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Hon'ble Union Health Minister& Past President DMA was the Chief Guest and virtually joined the programme. He congratulated all the awardees and gave their wishes for 106th Foundation Day of DMA.

Dear Friends, our Medical fraternity is facing many problems like registration of Nursing home, Solid Waste & Property Tax in East Delhi . We have written and met with various concerned authorities, ministers to come out with suitable solution. We hope soon we will be find out the way to deal with all these issues.

I am humble worker of the Association and cannot promise thousands of projects but I can assure you that the important issues faced by the profession shall be dealt with more earnestness, sincerity and the combined might of the Association.

At the end, I seek all your suggestions, support & guidance for smooth functioning of DMA during the CORONA Pandemic.

Dr. B.B. Wadhwa

President, DMA

M: 9810885555

Hon. State Secrerary’s Pen

Dr. Ajay Gambhir

Dear Friends,

Can you govern India from outside Delhi?

In its 73 Years existence as an independent nation, the country has not given adequate importance to the health of citizens. Healthcare has never been a priority for the state.

More than a million children, less than five years of age, succumb to disease like pneumonia and diarrhea every year. The Country's infant mortality rate is worse than that of conflict zones like Iraq and Syria.

In 2015-16 more mothers died in India during childbirth than in the rest of the subcontinent- Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal did better than us in this respect. What does freedom mean for a woman for whom giving birth to a child is a life threatening proposition?

Our commitment to the Health components of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nation (UN) appears shaky. By 2030, the country will have to achieve the highest possible level of good health and well-being for its citizens. This requires everyone in the country to have access to quality healthcare services- no one should face financial hardship because of health reasons. This appears a near impossibility given the current state- of- affairs. A healthcare system in ruins- made stark by the COVID-19 pandemic- does not provide any semblance of hope for achieving the SDG goals.

Our annual expenditure on medical facilities says something about our commitment healthcare- or the lack of it. State spending on healthcare is little more than one percent of the country's GDP. This is way less than some of the world's poorest nations- Ethiopia spends 4.9 percent of its GDP on healthcare, Sudan spends more than 8 percent.

For the first time in our 73 years old history as an independent nation, we are sharing at a crisis that threatens our health and also imperils our existence as free citizens. The pandemic has made us realize what it means to neglect the health of our people. The virus has tested our capacity to bear the pain that the country's healthcare system has become in all these years. It has exposed the vulner-ability of our healthcare models as well as the limitation of the political ideologies in the country.

Big Question is were we ready to cope sustainable health care before and after disaster, DMA/IMS has to play big role which they could not play because of political, administrative & technical in both organization Remote running from outside Delhi possible. If surely only general stays here. I suggest reader to renew and modify in interest of DMA/IMA.

Dr. Ajay Gambhir

Hon. State Secretary

M: 9811557085

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