Dr. Anil Goyal Member & Chairman CME-Delhi Medical Council President DMA
Some Very Important Points to Share

Greeting from Delhi Medical Association!!!

A.            Health needs curative intent and treatment

With Dr. Harsh Vardhan as Hon'ble Health Minister of the country, the expectations of medical fraternity and society have sky rocketed with a belief that quality health for all will be possible in near future. with that in mind DMA has presented  “DMA National Health Agenda” to Hon'ble Health Minister in his office last week.

·         Health should be one of the super ministry of present Government.

·         Every citizen must get right to health as a constitutional right.

·         Increase Heath budget of government of India – form present 1.67% of GDP,2.5% of GDP in 12th five year plan to 10% of GDP in future.

·         Prevent/ Migration, of doctors task shifting of healthcare professionals

·         Accessible 200 Free Generic Medicines- in all public sector Healthcare institutions & promotion of generic medicines in PVT Healthcare setups

Quality Health Care in Government Sector

Ø  Better infrastructure, improve operational efficiency by Public Private Partnership

Ø  Increase no. of doctors paramedical staff by increasing no. of medical and paramedical institutes to bridge the manpower shortage gap etc.

Ø  Day care surgery

Ø  For accountability every government hospital must have an activity based data of performance and pricing, to fix the responsibility for non performance/misuse of taxpayers money. And how taxpayer money used in and the cost of delivering a service. 

Affordable Healthcare

Ø  Health be given an infrastructural status with subsidized loans, land, tax etc

Ø  Accessible 200 Free Generic Medicines- in all public sector Healthcare institutions & promotion of generic medicines in PVT Healthcare setups.

Ø  Promotion of indigenous manufactures, exempt VAT and donation to local biomedical equipment manufactures of income tax to encourage import substitution and indigenous technology innovation and production.

Ø  Tax holiday for developing healthcare institutions in tier II and tier III cities.

Ø  Single window clearance , duty free imports

Ø  Universal health insurance and subsidized health insurance for vulnerable group- BPL, Senior Citizens, children up to five years of age pregnant mothers.

Ø  Create a Separate cell in IRDA to support Micro Insurance and Micro Finance like Arogyanshree scheme in Andhrapradesh, Yashawini in Karnataka, Jan Swasthya Sahyog etc.

Ø  Reducing cost “Improving health care accessibility through Point of care Technology” (POCT), Home healthcare monitors.

Accessible Health care

Ø  Mobile Clinics

Ø  Linkage of trained ASHA Workers/CHW with existing doctors in the country & they be coordinated with Local MCI recognized doctors for efficient delivery of healthcare.

Ø  Delivering care in Tier II –Tier III cities PPP model

Ø  Technological innovation for an efficient health care delivery like E-Health Tele medicine, POCT, integrated Lab – on a chip device for Diagnostics Tele health.


Cost Accountants/CA to do cost analysis in Government Sector.  Based on this decide the tariff for CGHS Scheme. Because today's tariff is on L1 rate which is without any scientific evaluation.

Medical Education

Ø  Equal no. of UG/PG seats which is 4:1 now, so as to reduce corruption in PG admissions and better healthcare in the country.

Ø  Single PG entrance for all Govt and Private Colleges by DNB authorities after completion of MBBS before starting internship. So that internship can be used for skill building.

Ø  Quality Education in Govt and Private Medical Colleges to be ensured.

Ø  Centralized Electronic Data of available doctors and their Jobs

Rural Health Service

Ø  Separate Rural Health Cadre

Ø  Better infrastructures, security and Monetary benefit for rural services

Ø  5% marks incentive in PG entrance Examination for doctors, opting for 1 year rural posting after PG.

Ø  Mandatory 1 year Rural Posting for new UPSC doctors appointees.


Vector Borne Disease- Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya, can be controlled in Maldives why not in India.Govt. Agencies /Doctors/RWA to make surveillance team to FIGHT THE BITE Campaign.

Participation of DMA,IMA in policy making.

Indian Medical services on the lines of IAS or IPS should be started

Uniform age for the service doctor should be 65 years with pay parity and other benefit

Single Doctor Establishment should be exempted from clinical Establishment Act.

Medical Professional should be taken out from Consumer protection Act.

Resident Doctors – Streamlining of Working hours & working conditions of resident doctors with proper security arrangements.

Anti Quackery bill should be passed by government.

B.            Other Activities

No Smoking Day- DMA requests all its members to write “NO SMOKING” as an advice in all their OPD prescriptions and IPD discharges. 

World Environment Day

                “Nature Protects if she is Protected”

 “Save Water, Save Energy, Plant a Tree” is the slogan given by DMA please follow this in the letter and sprit. Please switch off your lights for at least two hours and Carpool twice a week to save energy.


I Congratulate Dr V.K Monga and Dr C.M Bhagat and DMA team for organizing an informative and hugely successful conference concerning Nursing Home and Medical Establishment issues. Few of the highlights were

·         Healthcare industry should conform to quality in terms of infrastructure, patient care, manpower, employee satisfaction and other legal requirements.

·         Non availability of Delhi Nursing Council registered Nurses specially for medium and small size Nursing Homes needs urgent solution by Health Ministry.

·         We may have to go to the court for rationalization of House tax charges from Factor 4 to 2. As we are semi public activities and not the commercial activities.

·         Conversion charges issue is followed in Delhi High Court and with Urban Development ministry of Govt of India with the Help of Hon'ble Health Minister Govt of India Dr Harsh Vardhan.

·         If you have dual system pipelines of Separate Sewer and water used for patients you only need ETP(Effluent Treatment Plant) and not STP(Sewage Treatment Plant) in your Nursing Home for Water Treatment. Also the recycled water can be used for flushing and gardening to save the environment be GREEN.

·         It is advisable to have fire safety norms in Nursing Homes to avoid legal hassles in case of any fire mishap.

·         All DHS registered Nursing Homes should have cashless TPA facilities. We are already taking legal/ Political recourse to solve this chronic problem.

What suffix to use by a Doctor?

                To quote Indian Medical Council Act

7.20 A Physician shall not claim to be specialist unless he has a special qualification in that branch.

1.4.2 Physicians shall display as suffix to their names only recognized medical degrees or such certificates/diplomas and memberships/honours which confer professional knowledge or recognizes any exemplary qualification/achievements.

Ambiguity which needs further clarification whether we can write Specialist with MCI degree only or with any other Certification?

Road Safety- we would request Govt for mandatory helmets for all drivers (Men or Women of any religion).

Manufactures of four wheel drive should have alarm bell if somebody does not use seatbelt( for front and rear seat both)

                DMA is going to start CPR training program in Schools, Universities and for PCR vans.

                I would conclude with a Quote:

 “Until the great mass of the people shall be filled with the sense of responsibility for each other's welfare, social justice can never be attained.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  - Helen Keller



Dr. Anil Goyal


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