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Dr. Ashwani Goyal Dr. Ashwani Goyal

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Telephonic consultation amounts to culpable negligence

Dear colleagues,
Delhi Medical Association is organising one more MIDCON this time to be hosted by South Delhi Branch at Hotel Surya on 23rd December 2018. This year we have planned to organise the state MIDCONS in different zones. South zone MIDCON to be followed by one in West Zone and one in North Zone.

DMA held a very interactive symposium on Assault on Doctors .Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions on 1st December where the office bearers of RDAs of different institutions and representatives of FORDA, discussed the issue of assault on doctors threadbare. The issues of reasons of assault, why it occurs, when and where it takes place, what are preventive measures, the code voilet, the law against violence on Medical Establishments were discussed. DMA is coming out with white paper on this issue shortly.

The government of Delhi has issued warning in newspapers regarding payment of minimum wages to workers. We are looking on this issue urgently and promptly and inform the membership.

DMA is working on the issue of Preferential and Subsidised treatment of elderly members at the tertiary care hospitals in Delhi and we are getting the nod of some hospitals and as soon as maximum number of hospitals agree on it we will present the details in Bulletin.

Long live DMA

dr-arvind-pen Dr. Arvind Chopra

Hony. State Secretary Pen

Dear all, At the outset, I will thank Delhi Government especially chief secretary Vijay Kumar Dev at the intervention of Delhi Medical Association (DMA) has resolved a longstanding issue of assault on resident doctors in government hospital 's casualties by the disgruntled patients and their families. Time and again the patients have been attacking helpless doctors for the want of facilities provided in the hospitals and attacking them brutally and when it comes to filing an FIR, the poor doctor is confronted with a parallel FIR against him by the relatives alleging counter assault, mishandling or even rape. On the instance, the government has clearly instructed all medical superintendents and administrators of the hospital that in case of assault on any doctor, paramedics and nurse by hostile crowd an institutional FIR shall be registered against the patients and the arrogant relatives.

It is a great issue that the government facilities are severely deficient in reaching the expectations of people at large, the politicians are repeatedly calling hooks that they have improved and made all the facilities available. The lack of ventilators, lack of ICU care, lack of emergency dialysis, neonatal care and in fact all life-saving procedures at the government casualties strongly irk the patients and the outburst is faced by the poor doctor who has got no hand in administration or planning the budget allocation and financing.

We at Medical Association though are satisfied at one hand that the initiative by government to take action against the hooligans saving the dignity of profession yet we strongly desire the casualties and emergencies where sick patients are arriving should always be handled by senior doctors and should be equipped with all life-saving procedure and equipment so as to meet expectation of people at large so that we can have a better relationship with patient and doctors.

It is a matter of deep concern that DMA has repeatedly offered the facilities of 28,000 beds and excellent private services to the government at a very reasonable rate, the lowest possible rates of CGHS. The chief minister, the health minister all other acknowledged that private service is better managed with low cost and better patients satisfaction compared to government hospitals. But very little progress has been made due to stubborn attitude and inconsistent priorities of those who are at the helm of affairs. I think all of us shall realize that the sole aim of government and government sector is to serve and satisfy patient's needs of health, disease and comprehensive health policy is required which can meet requirements on a longer basis rather than immediate to the reactions which are of low outcome yield.

This year we along with my president Dr. Girish Tyagi and some past presidents are planning intelligentsia committee to draft long term future policies and push them right perspective into definitive goals. Your inputs, suggestions shall be valuable. Don't hesitate to communicate me.

Dr. Arvind Chopra

Hony. State Secretary M: 9910515062
dr-girish-tyagi Dr. Girish Tyagi

President's Pen

Great victory for DMA On 13th April (Saturday) at Annual Convention of NDB where I shared the dais with Sh. Vijay Dev, Chief Secretary Govt. of Delhi along with Dr. K.K. Aggarwal. I raised the issue of institutional FIR in cases of Violence/Assaults at Medical Institutions which was reiterated by Dr. K.K. Aggarwal. Sh. Vijay Dev assured that it will be done. Today Principal Secretary Health has issued a circular in this regard. We are thankful to Chief Secretary Sh. Vijay Dev Ji for his prompt action which will provide congenial atmosphere for working for young doctors. Your doctors will along be indebted to him for this action.

More Transparency required in functioning of DPCC.

Advisory committee meeting for Bio Medical Waste Management was convened on 11th April, 2019 to discuss action plan on BMW management where all the stake holders including Member Secretary CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board), Member Secretary DPCC (Delhi Pollution Control Committee), DGHS GNCT Delhi attended the meeting. From DMA side I along with Dr. Ajay Bedi Secretary DMA NHF and Dr. V.K. Goyal Past Secretary DMA NHF attended that meeting. I raised the issue of poorly functional, not user friendly website of DPCC because of which DMA members are facing difficulty in getting registered with DPCC and it had been intimated to officials of DPCC at various meetings in the past also but problem is still persisting. Some members got their agreements with service providers (Biotic / SMS water grace) but not able to register with DPCC. It was suggested that till the site becomes fully functional the offline application for registration should be accepted. In the said meeting DPCC agreed to the request.

On 15th April, a delegation of DMA met Mr. Imran Hussan Hon'ble Minister of Environment Govt. of Delhi and apprised him about difficulties faced due to website of DPCC and it was decided to organize a camp on 18th April, 2019 for registration with DPCC in his presence. In the said meeting his OSD Mr. Anwar Khan talked to DPCC officials and assured us that team of DPCC will come for registration. DMA members were accordingly intimated.

On 17th When I talked to DPCC officials about offline registration at the camp they told that they require instructions from higher authorities. Then I talked to Principal Secretary Health and reminded him of the meeting chaired by him where a decision to accept offline application was taken and thereafter DMA decided to organize registration camp but persons from DPCC involved with registration are insisting for instructions from Member Secretary DPCC. He told that he will talk to Secretary of Environment and this issue will be resolved. Then to be more safe we talk to OSD to Minister of Environment about all this and he informed to go ahead with offline registration at camp.

But on the camp day i.e. 18th April, 2019 team of DPCC categorically told that they have come only for training and there are no instructions to accept offline applications.

DMA members who came for registration were able to get only agreement with service providers and registration with DPCC not materialized because of their attitude and inspite of accepted it in a meeting chaired by Secretary Health on 11th April, 2019.

Many DMA members are receiving show cause notice from DPCC for non application for authorization under Bio Medical Waste Management Rules. They are not able to register because of faulty website. DMA demand that till the site is fully functional, the offline application should be accepted as decided in the meeting chaired by Secretary Health.

DPCC to requested not take any action against medical practitioners till the system is rectified otherwise we will be compelled to take steps which they will not like.

Also clinics that are not generating Bio Medical Waste should be exempted from registration with DPCC.

It appears that there exists a nexus between service providers and DPCC. List of members for show cause notice is being provided by the service providers only. Only two service providers are there without any competition and they are free to fix the prices in collusion.

Members are requested to intimate DMA through mail or letter if they are facing problems with DPCC website or service provider. So that DMA can approach Delhi Govt. with some authentic documentation.

Those members who are not generating any Bio Medical Waste should intimate DMA so that their case for exemption from registration with DPCC can be discussed.

Very soon we will be sending list of quacks to DPCC to take action against them as DPCC has agreed to take action under BMW rules.

DMA members are warned not to lend their name to be used by quack and thereby helping them in registration with DPCC. Action will be taken against such members.

Long Live DMA


Dr. Girish Tyagi


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Delhi Medical Association

It was way back in 1914, Dr. M.A. Ansari felt the need for making an association for the medical professionals and this is how Delhi Medical Association was born on 14th August, 1914. On 14th August, Dr. M.A. Ansari issued notice for assembling the medical practitioners. On 20th August, first inaugural function of the association was held in consultation room of Dr. Ansari in Fatehpuri Mosque and was attended by 23 members out of 28 medical practitioners practicing at that time.

The first office bearers of the Association were Dr. M.A. Ansari, Dr. Abdul Rehmaan, Dr. S.P. Shroff, Dr. H.L. Keal, Dr. J.K. Sain, Dr. Bhairon Dayal and Dr. I.T. Mitrra. Since there was no office of the association, for the first few years, all the meetings were held either at the clinic of Dr. M.A. Ansari or nearby restaurants.

In 1925 regular CME activities were started and social get-togethers were added to the agenda. A partnership with the government: In 1925 DMA joined hands with government in implementing the health schemes and extending support in fighting epidemics and giving free vaccinations to the public. The association got recognized by University Code, Indian Red Cross Society and various other Advisory Bodies.

In 1926 the first office of the association was rented in Jama Masjjd Dispensary. With the effort of senior consultant Lt Col G.D. Franklin, a plot of land was acquired at Ansari Road at a nominal cost of Rs. 1237 in 1926. A sum of Rs. 6500 was raised and a hall, office, library room and servant quarters were built in the DMA building at Ansari Road in the year 1933. Opening ceremony of the building was performed by Dr. G B Deshmukh, Dr.J K Saini, President and Dr. D.L. Burman, Secretary.

In 1928 Indian Medical Association was established and efforts were made to convert DMA into a provincial branch of IMA.

In 1941DMA was completely amalgamated with IMA and was recognized as its provincial branch with the distinction that it shall retain its original name.

DMA was declared one of the oldest medical associations in the world in 1941.

In 1947 with the Indian Independence influx of all medical men in Delhi was the greatest. The prospects increased day by day when many displaced medical persons were incorporated into the umbrella of DMA.The old hall with a seating capacity of 100 (constructed when its membership was 40) was found to be inadequate.

In 1954 Dr. B.K. Sikand, President, decided to erect a new and bigger house of DMA. In the next two years, Dr. D C Golatia and Dr. Prem Narain, President did fund raising campaign for the building. In 1959President Col. Ameer Chand resolved to take up the construction work in right earnest. In 1960 the architects M/s Sathe and Kothari were appointed by the Executive Committee on 4th February, 1960. On 14th August, 1960, the foundation stone of the executive building was laid by Dr. Col. Ameer Chand.

On 14th August, 1963, Dr. Sushila Nayar Union Health Minister performed opening ceremony of the new building.

New DMA Auditorium was inaugurated by Shri L.K. Advani, Hon’ble Union Home Minister, Govt. of India on 26.03.2001.

Pinnacle of glory for our association was Grand Centenary Celebrations of DMA at prestigious Vigyan Bhawan in August 2014 in presence of Galaxy of Medical Luminaries alongwith Distinguished Union Ministers such as Hon’ble Mr. Arun Jaitely, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Dr. Jitendra Singh and Dr. Mahesh Sharma and other prominent dignitaries.

Now, Delhi Medical Association is the highest and biggest platform of doctors of medicine involved into mass scale vaccination, health checkup camps, measles and pulse polio programmes Blood donation camps, Anti Quackery movement, conference etc…. Today DMA has totally decentralized all its activities to all its thirteen branches spread all over Delhi and is now fully devoted for its total work up on health policies and other issues of Delhi Govt., National & International health agencies and health associations.

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